Automatic tools

Good for big and small teams, in and out of office

Boost performance

Visualize ways to benchmark and increase your team's efficiency.

Higly customizable

Tailored for you with integration in your CRM or project tool.

Simplified workflow

Atomatic tracking will help your team submit accurate reports every time.

Platforms and services

Either your team is working on PC or Mac.


Marketing and logistics agencies

  • Automatic and accurate reporting
  • Few minutes to setup
  • Help your team love reporting
  • Never forget to fill report spreadsheets

Office teams

Manual or concierge usage of automated tools.

  • Important when different cost per client is involved
  • Free your time and team from writing reports and direct monitoring.
  • Track activities and tasks
  • Custom activity recorder

Custom features

Take advantage of a custom tailored solution based on your requirements.

  • Pick your features
  • Integrate with your planing software
  • Get email reports
  • Automate workflows based on time usage, missing working hours or custom variables

Get a quick insight

Use automated tools to track and monitor time usage in your team

Our solution

Detailed and general reports for your tracking


Productive time and applications usage


Idle and active time


Auto completed work reports

Love the Teamlog insights that my design company is using. We’re using it to get an understanding of our designers, talent, and the cohesiveness of the team. It’s really useful — bravo

Neal Bozeman

CTO, Must have menus

We liked the reports and the information that got us ahead about specific employees activities.

Cristian Munteanu

IT Manager, Bucharest

I love to help people understand the positive insights we give and the way they can grow a healty and competitive environment.

Nikiforos Panorios

Business Development, Netherlands

Our team

You can achieve everything with a positive mind

Adi Chirilov

Adi has more than 10 years of experience in development. In 2012 he decided putting his skills to work in developing a product that can help companies and employees become better.

Teo Deleanu

Teo has 9 years of experience in development. He honed his technical skills in 4 startup projects for Desktop, Mobile, and IOT.

Nikiforos Panorios
Business Development

A commercial manager with strong experience in doing business with mid to C-level executives from all over the world.

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