Complex Work Analytics

Our productivity solution can be adapted to help you identify key work related metrics in your organization and help your employees achieve more. You can find out how much time employees spend on productive work, what activity categories they are engaged in, how focused they are during the day and much more.

Measure group and individual performance

In today's remote work environment, we make it easy for busy managers to gauge the overall activity metrics of a virtual or onsite team and identify potential areas for improvement. Instead of regularly checking each employee's metrics, you can save time and rely on team activity statistics, alerts and rankings to give you insight into how you can boost overall team performance.

Live stats and reports

Teamlog gathers activity data from your employees and updates statistics instantaneously. This means you can check how your employees are doing in real time and quickly respond to potential issues. Our flexible reports let you select the metrics that are most important to your success and are easily share the information with key stakeholders.

Website filtering and blocking

In some cases, you may opt to prevent employees from accessing offensive or unproductive websites. It only takes a few moments to configure Teamlog to block websites using both the domain name and designated keywords. Whenever an employee tries to access a blocked site, you are instantly notified.

Track behavior changes over time