Teamlog - Monitoring and work analytics

Adrian Chirilov

CTO & Ninja Developer

Adi has more than 10 years of experience in full stack development covering C++, Java, UI and Frontend. In 2012 he decided putting his skills to work in developing a product that can help companies and employees become better.
He is a proud father and his hobbies are are skiing, watersports and reading good books.


Teo Deleanu

Product & Business Development

Teo has 9 years of experience in Windows internals, C++, Java, NodeJs, mobile backend and Cloud architecture. He honed his technical skills in 4 startup projects for Desktop, Mobile, and IOT. Teo is passionate about product design, distributed systems, and machine learning.
He is a loving husband and his hobbies are traveling, skiing, lean development, and reading.


Rosoft Business SRL

Our goal here at RoSoft is to change the way companies use data to improve work productivity. As so many industries are being transformed by the power of data, we see a great opportunity in placing the same firm ground under the feet of all people managers.

Our approach is to make no guessess. We build custom products for our clients based on solid needs analysis and review cycles. We take the time to get to know our clients and understand their goals, their challenges, opportunities and constraints. We aim to make a big difference.